Translations into all major languages

40 languages from a single source.

Elke Trautwein, a state-certified translator and interpreter for French, founded her business in 2000.
Our transcultura team has developed into a network of more than 400 freelance translators. They enable us to deliver top-class translations in over 40 languages in an array of specialist areas, including technology, business, law, marketing and culture.
Our in-house team manages multilingual projects and is also your first point of contact for information, advice and guidance.

We are here for you!

Elke Trautwein, Managing Director

Elke Trautwein, Managing Director

Convincing quality.

At transcultura, top quality is ensured by a dedicated and highly qualified team of translators, who translate exclusively into their native language. Most of them have been working with us for many years.

Further, all our translations are double checked in compliance with ISO 17100 to guarantee excellent quality.

Consistent terminology and corporate wording are secured through the use of state-of-the-art terminology databases.

Superior quality

transcultura sprachenservice has been delivering superior quality for over 20 years.

Established teams

For your translation project, we employ established teams that are well versed in your field of specialisation.

Deadline driven

transcultura sprachenservice is your reliable partner for deadline driven translation projects.

Satisfied customers

Extensive experience and satisfied customers are a true testament to our services.

Specialist areas


Company reports, annual reports, company profiles


Contracts, terms and conditions, data privacy statements, claims, judgements, certified documents


Manuals, user instructions, patents, test reports, invitations to tender, quotations


Package inserts, diagnoses, medical technology


Catalogues, flyers, posters, websites, social media posts


Websites, programmes, city guides, catalogues


"transcultura has been translating technical product specifications for our website and brochures into English since 2010. Our complex technical terminology is always carefully researched and applied. Top quality!"

—Gerhard Dietrich, Bermüller & Co. GmbH

"Elke Trautwein and her team at transcultura sprachenservice focus on efficient communication and high quality. The team in Schwabach has been a reliable resource for all our language needs, especially in Swedish, Danish and Finnish, but also in English, Italian and French, since 2018. Thank you for the extensive and excellent cooperation!"

Marion Hartmann, FLYERALARM GmbH

"We are always impressed with transcultura's outstanding level of linguistic proficiency, pleasant customer contact and service, as well as its commitment to on-time delivery."

Katja Schulte, UniCaps







How much does a translation cost?

The price of a translation always depends on the given language combination and the complexity and length of the text being translated. You also receive a discount on bulk texts and repetitions. We will be happy to offer you a no obligation quote. Simply email us your text and we will get back to you.

How long does the translation take?

We can usually deliver up to 2,000 word translations within 3-5 working days. We plan the delivery of larger translations together with you, based on the timeline required and the availability of our translators.
The certified translation of a one-page document takes approximately 5 working days.
In a rush? Simply tell us your preferred date and time. We will then assess whether we can realistically complete the project on time.

Into which languages do you translate?

Our team of over 400 qualified translators enables us to translate into more than 40 languages, ranging from the main Western and Eastern European to Middle Eastern and Oriental languages plus many more. Simply tell us the language you require. We will let you know if we can offer the language you need as soon as possible.

Can you provide certified translations?

Yes, we use publicly appointed and sworn translators for this purpose. This ensures the translations are recognised by the relevant authorities.

How can I send my document?
Preferably email it to us in the original format (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, IDML, etc.), otherwise please scan the document and send it as a PDF file. Catalogues are often prepared using InDesign. In this case, please send the idml export file. If you are unable to email the document, you may also send it by post. All documents are treated with strict confidentiality.